Hello! Claire here – owner of House of Primrose. This post will give you an insight into all things House of Primrose including what we do, what goes on behind the scenes, how House of Primrose came to be, my best piece of advice for couples and a little bit about me so you can get to know the person behind the business.

I personally love dried flowers, leaves and foliage and enjoy mixing dried and fresh flowers to create interest and texture. Large scale, statement floral installations have become our specialty. We love being a bit alternative in our styling and floristry and always jump at the opportunity to do something different. While others may put some requests in the too hard basket, we enjoy the challenge and take pride in achieving a look that the client thought may have been unachievable. We have extremely high standards and will only offer our couples the very best in product and service.

So, what do I actually do?

A wedding stylist is responsible for achieving a desired look. This is done through careful planning, working with a number of vendors, attention to detail, knowledge and experience.  We plan, perfect, style, decorate and floral. We cart chairs, set up arbours, try not to fall from ladders, move tables and carry too many buckets of flowers to count. It’s definitely not a glamorous job, I’m a hot mess 90% of the time! Early starts and midnight pack downs are the norm and we love it. Our clients come to us because we can achieve the style that they want. We make sure that the style flows and everything ‘works’. Our job is to make sure that your wedding looks how you want it to look.

Why do I do it?

I do sometimes ask myself this – running a business is not always smooth sailing and working in the wedding industry is definitely not glam. I do absolutely love what I do, I wouldn’t want to do anything else, it’s hard work, I’ve marvelled in the mystery of unexplained bruising but I love it. The wedding industry is so incredibly rewarding. There is no greater joy for me than being able to share in our client’s wedding day – without sounding like too much of a cliché – it really is an honour. Seeing the happiness on our couple’s faces when they see everything come together is why we do what we do, it makes the late nights, early mornings, bruised shins and blistered feet worth it. It really is magical. Besides this, my favourite thing about working in the wedding industry is that I can let my creativity run wild and people are wowed by it – best feeling ever!

How did House of Primrose come to be?

In 2015 my Husband and I moved from NSW to WA (don’t worry, I was born in Perth and grew up here so I’m definitely a Perth girl), I’m a primary school teacher and was having trouble finding work. I was always wanting more – I’ve always been super creative was never sure of ‘what I want to be when I grow up’. Attending university was an expectation and teaching seemed like a good idea at the time so I just went with that. I feel like when we moved to WA I had some breathing time to stop, slow down and do my own thing for a bit, it was the fresh start I needed. I started making fabric flower and brooch bridal bouquets and selling them on Etsy – a little hobby of mine and a way to make a bit of extra money while seeking a full-time teaching job. Things were going well and I had a bit of a light bulb ‘hey! I can do this’ (and so much more) moment and decided to stop looking for a full-time teaching job and put my energy into building my business. I very quickly grew into styling and florals and ditched the fabric and brooch bouquets (now I can’t stand them and only work with real flowers). I kind of just fell into House of Primrose and now I’ve had that feeling of ‘this is what I’m meant to do’.

What is the thing that House of Primrose is most proud of?

I am so proud of what House of Primrose has achieved so far. There have been so many highs and lows, it’s been crazy! The one thing that House of Primrose is most proud of is something simple – we are proud of where we are now. We still have a long way to go, so much to achieve, so many new goals to reach, but for now we are proud of where we are and looking forward to the future. Starting a new business from scratch was insanely hard work – that hard work never ends. We have successfully built up a positive reputation in the industry, stuck with it through the tough times, through blood, sweat and tears. It’s all been worth it, I’ve done it, I didn’t give up, House of Primrose here and we’re sticking around for the long haul!

My advice for couples tying the knot

My one piece of advice for couples – RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN SO BREAK THEM!

It is so common for weddings to turn into an affair to please everyone else, making sure everyone else is happy, worrying about what other people will think. Your wedding day is about YOU, it’s your day, you need to do what makes you and your partner happy, don’t get lost in pleasing everyone else. If you don’t want to toss your bouquet then don’t (FYI if we make your bouquet you won’t want to toss it), if you want to eat breakfast on the morning of your wedding with your soon to be hubby/wife – do it! If you want a cheese tower instead if a cake, go for it! You want to do ‘first look’ photos with your hubby/wifey before the ceremony? Why not?! If you want to have a barefoot, boho beach ceremony at sunset (yasss), do it! This is the one day where the world revolves around you and your partner – do it your way, you don’t need to follow the rules, what rules?

All about Claire

I’m Claire and I’m the gal behind House of Primrose. I’m the owner, designer and creator. To sum it up, I’m Batman! Who is Robin you say? My amazing Hubby Glen, my number one sidekick – couldn’t do it without him. He’s the carrier of heavy things, my best helper and the person who keeps my feet on the ground while my head is in the clouds. On the inside, I’m a quirky, flower loving, crystal keeping, incense burning, heavy metal loving grunge enthusiast. Hubby and I love living life by the beach at Two Rocks. I live for summer. I’m an ocean lover and beach explorer, if I’m not working you can safely bet that I’m at the beach. I seriously think I was a mermaid in a past life! I’m a nature lover who loves being outside (that said, I’m ridiculously scared of spiders – Mum thinks I need therapy) and I’m always chasing the sun. Hubby and I love exploring the amazing coastline we have here in WA and try to go away camping and exploring as much as we can – we also love a luxe Bali holiday – it’s all about balance, right?!

Claire x